Our team of obsessive compulsive designers, engineers, product managers and support teams are committed to bringing your business to a higher level.

How do we work?

We work in agile purposeful teams

Agile teams have sufficient skills within the team itself to get the job done. We have high level of ownership, discipline and commitment to y/our goals. And that’s why we do focus on the purpose and avoid losing momentum away from it; just like astronauts!

Our Team

khawajagrey khawaja

Mohammed Khawaja


Entrepreneur, strategist, business model innovator, design thinker, marathoner and super Dad! :)

azzehgrey azzeh

Nader Azzeh

Head Of the Creative Department

Managing the Creative and Marketing Teams, Delegating and assigning tasks and projects to the team according to their qualifications, Working by hand along with the team, in order to advise and monitor their works and perfecting the results.

doskigrey doski

Moski Doski

Chief Technology Officer CTO

Focused on scientific and technical issues, responsible for transformation of capital into technology in furtherance of the comppany objectives

farisgrey faris

Moayyad Faris

VP Of Engineering

Responsible for all aspects of the company’s engineering product development activities.

younisgrey younis

Mohammad Younis

FrontEnd Team Lead

Making Designer Dreams to Reality, By Developing and maintaining user interfaces.

khudeirgrey khudeir

Amr Khudeir

Back End Developer

Participate in the entire application lifecycle, focusing on coding and debugging.

kazmigrey kazmi

Ahmad Kazmi

Android Developer

I have to be proficient in coding in order to write the apps you love to use on your smartphone.

abu-al-adelgrey abu-al-adel

Marina Abu-AL-Adel

Front End Developer

Develop and maintain user interfaces and javascript applications.

singhgrey singh

Rajiv Singh

Senior Android Developer

I am obsessed with writing clean and properly architectured code. Interested in anything related to Mobile and IOT

rahmangrey rahman

Hafsal Rahman

Android Developer

Responsible for coding and maintaining reusable and reliable android code, trying to be better at the art of coding everyday.

omariehgrey omarieh

AbdulKareem Omarieh

IOS Developer

Developing iOS Apps, i help turn clients dreams into reality (without nightmares) :D

abu-sufagrey abu-sufa

Abed Abu-Sufa

Senior Andorid developer

Devlop Android applications.

kosagrey kosa

Jan Kosa

iOS Developer

Turning pizza and coffee into magic, also called iOS apps.

daanagrey daana

Motaz Daana

Back End Developer

Responsible for server-side web application logic and integration

nasereddingrey nasereddin

Hadi Nasereddin

Senior Designer Animator

Experience in Web and Mobile Design and Usability, Graphic Design, Flash Animation

zaghloulgrey zaghloul

Ibrahim Zaghloul

Associate Creative Director

Experience in Web Design, Identity & Branding, Online & Offline advertising, Print, Digital Arts, UI / UX and Photography

alshwikanigrey alshwikani

Ola alshwikani

Senior Designer & Animator

Experience in Animation & Video Production, Web & Mobile Design, Graphic Design/Print Materials.

abu-eitagrey abu-eita

Ashraf Abu-Eita

Expert Product Designer

I focus on pixel perfect design in order to create designe attractive, clean and easy

abdullahgrey abdullah

Ibrahim Abdullah

Senior UX/ UI Designer

Experience in Web & Mobile app Design

suwwangrey suwwan

Hanan Suwwan

Digital Marketing Manager

Developing innovative digital marketing strategies, using SEO, PPC, and other techniques to drive traffic and generate interest in company services.

alkhdairgrey alkhdair

Osama Alkhdair

Digital Marketing Officer

Help you promote your products and services through a variety of digital channels

abuhalawehgrey abuhalaweh

Intisar Abuhalaweh

Admin & HR Manager

Lead HR programs and policies as they apply to employee relations,compensation, benefits, safety, performance and staffing levels. Also support operations by planning, organizing and implementing adminstarion systems.

aldebesgrey aldebes

Alaa aldebes

Admin & HR Assistant

Organize and maintain personnel records , update HR database ,preparing HR documents , prompt resolution of all queries and organize company correspondence

qussadgrey qussad

Rania Qussad

Business Development Executive

Supporting senior management in augmenting sales strategies & targets.

habashgrey habash

Osama Habash

Senior Product Manager

I help turn clients dreams into developers nightmares.

samhagrey samha

Omar Samha

Community Manager/Haddaf

Abu Samha this is my name & sports is my game!

jalajeelgrey jalajeel

Laith Jalajeel

Finance Manager

Conduct Planning, organizing, directing, controlling & evaluating the operation of the Finance and accouting department. Accounts receivables & Payables

al-najjargrey al-najjar

Ahmad Al-Najjar

Business development Manager

Builds market position by locating, developing, defining, negotiating, and closing business relationships

zuheirgrey zuheir

Albahaa Zuheir

Product Manager

A great product manager has the brain of an engineer, the heart of a designer, and the speech of a diplomat and it happened to be me

alnajjargrey alnajjar

Khaleel alnajjar


Energetic and passionate person who love to explore new things and go deeply in development field

knight grey

This could be you

Startappz teammember

In Startappz we work with fluid teams. Do you want to be part of our fluid teams? Mail to the e-mail address below
Mr. Rob Beswick

Mr. Rob Beswick, Managing Director of Virgin Mobile Middle East & Africa.

“We are delighted with our relationship with Startappz, they have quickly become a key strategic partner for the business allowing us to develop an award winning digital experience for our members.”

Dr. Wafa’ Abu Snaineh

Dr. Wafa’ Abu Snaineh, Advisor - Dubai Model for Government Services

“Startappz is a great partner to work with. The team is highly competent, creative, results-oriented and go the extra mile.”

Mr. Salim Majzoub

Mr. Salim Majzoub, General Manager - Marketing Communication at Mobily

“We’ve worked with Startappz’s team on various strategic and challenging projects, their professional engagement, unconditional cooperation, as well as their genuine dedication was the reason why they became part of our team. They looked after Mobily brand as much as we do; I’m looking forward to start our next project together”.


Jordan App & Web Awards
Startappz have won 8 awards ranging from gold to silver for 8 of their mobile apps, in addition to being proudly dubbed as the official “App
Best Online Experience Award
Virgin Mobile KSA
Best Online Experience Award was given to Virgin Mobile Middle East & Africa, who has worked with Startappz to implement the best online
MENAA Best Business
Leaders Awards
Startappz received the award of “Best Business Leaders Award” for its continuing commitments to excellence, developing best practices and in digital transformation.
The Customer Delight
Startappz and Tqween received The Customer Delight Award 2016 for their remarkable work and services to their customers during the past 5 years.