Startappz’s Research & Development division came to life to safeguard our mission of pushing our boundaries further, and not merely producing high quality software. While most businesses are cutting down on R&D spending, we feel that our investment in practical and provable research gives us the edge in an ever the changing technical landscape. Our team of engineers and computer scientists work synergistically in an iterative process to ensure that our products and services are provided with the greatest and latest.


  • MOTION PROCESSING: We’ve comprehensively studied motion, location, and velocity for a number of smart devices and products without compromising on battery life or processing power. On our pedometer-like apps we managed to accurately measure distance, speed, and pace for both indoor and outdoor movement using the sensors that are available in all smart phones.
  • AUDIOVISUAL: Augmented realities and audiovisual processing are fields we’re passionate about that are filled with possibilities for innovation. On our EasyCharge app we utilized Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to allow smart devices to read characters without the need of typing them out, while on our Traveler App we choose to employee VoIP and Video over IP techniques to allow users to communicate with ease over Wifi, 3G, or 4G networks.


  • HARDWARE UTILIZATION: The fast pace of which hardware is evolving in mobile and wearable tech pushes us to constantly think out of the box for new ways to utilize the highly-capable components for new uses. On Nabdat App for iOS and Android we use the smart device’s camera and flash to measure resting heart rate the same way an Oximeter does using reflecting light photons, regardless of device model and generation.
  • SECURITY ANALYSIS: Most mobile app developers depend on simple automated security tests to safeguard their code and user data they’ve gathered, and many others don’t even take such precautions. While such automated scanning is a good first step, here at Startappz we have the capacity and expertise to do a full security analysis and assessment. With a mix of using both security tools and manual testing we can take the security analysis to the next level, detecting security risks and vulnerabilities and providing recommendations to remedy the problems.


  • MACHINE LEARNING AND DATA ANALYSIS: The term Data Mining is usually associated informally with marketing trends and business decisions; but the truth is that it can be so much more. Machine learning programs, programs that can learn and evolve from data, can be used to make predictions and decisions adaptively instead of only following explicit programmed instructions. These applications can be used on any type of data, big or small, structured or unstructured, conventional such as logs or totally new such as data from face and voice analysis. Startappz has executed several successful internal projects on various scales and can offer the following:

    • Extract, clean and prepare unstructured and raw data.
    • Find correlations within the data set.
    • Build statistical models to help with intelligent decisions making.
    • Sophisticated pattern recognition and trends.
    • Marriage data analysis and machine learning techniques with other engineering disciplines such as image processing and sensor fusion to create new and exciting projects.
    • Proof of concept projects.
  • Strategic Consulting for Smart Governments and Smart Systems: During 2014, Startappz has worked on providing consulting to develop smart government systems. One of the key projects in 2014 was to develop a star-rating system for apps and websites run by government organizations in Dubai. The star-rating system set the standard for government organizations to build quality apps and utilize smart technologies to run smart government services.