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Khabbir - Alaan TVA unique Citizen Journalism Experience!

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    Khabbir - Alaan TV

    A unique Citizen Journalism Experience!


    “Khabbir” is one of the most innovative ideas in the field of digital media, where the app allows the opportunity for young people from all around the globe to participate in creating the news, which helps them become reporters and that is through our participation in the prominent events that happen around them both in the written content, video, or pictures to be published on the app and broadcasted on “ Alaan” TV, news, and digital platforms.   

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    Khabbir is an Avant-Grade Social Reporting Platform

    Startappz worked closely with Alaan TV to deliver "Khabbir" as an avant-garde social reporting platform. Our implementation offered state-of-the-art user experience design and technical implementation best practices.

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