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Fallah - MobilyA community for the youth

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    Fallah - Mobily

    A community for the youth

    Visit Website

    Fallah Website

    Fallah website is a bilingual creative site for displaying
    Fallah’s news and promotions. It interactively enables
    the users to join and achieve Fallah challenges in
    order to contribute towards increasing the number
    of FREE Fallah minutes shared between all Fallah
    subscribers, and still get their own reward out of it
    as well. The website also presents the latest Fallah
    twitter posts and comments that include
    Fallah hashtag.

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    Fallah Application

    Fallah application targets the Youth segment in KSA
    by encouraging them to know who of their friends
    own the same package line and can benefit from the
    free minutes provided in Fallah service.
    The application also allows the user to invite his/her
    friends that don’t have this youth package and to
    share/read Fallah news & promotions that are pushed
    from Mobily’s side.
    The application was developed in both English and
    Arabic languages and supports iOS and Android

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