Creative Design

Design Campaigns

As we understand and analyze marketing objectives for your brand, help in defining key messages and actions expected from consumers, we plan and execute creative campaigns on various channels and help you get the best in user engagement based on metrics and predefined goals for your campaign.

Identity Design

Your identity is your biggest asset, so creating, maintaining and growing it would make or break your business.

We would like to invite you -like many successful brands- to trust our ability to develop your brand and help you be unique and special to your audience.

To be always consistent, we help you develop your brand guidelines to be your active and dynamic reference for how you communicate your identity on front channels and forms.


Dynamic Design

Our design team applies latest techniques in dynamic design, to create stunning visuals including the use of animation and fluid elements.

Many of our info-graphics and video graphics were able to tell remarkable stories and position brands in the top of their domains, using dynamic design techniques.


Search Engine Optimization

On average, 85% of all users search using a search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo. It is therefore important that you this good emerges. During the building of the website or software keeps Startappz account what the search engines like to read. Eventually you will reach the most obviously by constantly measure what visitors do on your site and respond to them.

Google Analytics

With Google Analytics you can by measured websites and software to get more out of each website visitor. Who where clicked and looked? How long they have looked and what did they do next? We can link your website or software to your personal Google Analytics account.

Search Engine Advertising

In addition to Google Analytics can get paid to advertise, also known as Search Engine Advertising (SEA). This works on the basis of words that users look for in their search engine. Startappz can give advice on which marketing tools you can best promote your website or software.